July 20, 2011

100 Days Can Change a Person.

Reflections on the last 100 days.

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Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Day 1

The Daily Love posted this affirmation of the day to Facebook:

I will attract a mate who is ready to love me.

Day 5

I met a boy who wasn’t my type. He was emotionally stable, good-looking and intelligent.

Day 10

My student insisted upon teaching my Sunday morning yoga class.

So that I could go to my college graduation.

Day 15

I traveled to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh and found a place to live… with my sister and our three cats.

Day 20

Bin laden was killed.

These words resonated in my head for the rest of the week:

Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

Day 25

I spent three days with a drillbit, taking down the stage of my childhood theatre company.

I made a bookshelf out of scraps from the stage.

Day 30

I made an investment in my future by going into debt.

Yet I couldn’t be happier as I filled out my school loan applications.

Day 35

I had a slumber party with my Grandma.

She shared with me dozens of journals from trips she took with my grandfather.  She talked about wanting to make a book out of them, somehow, someday.

Which led me to start this.

Day 40

I took up boxing after watching The Fighter.

Day 45

I uncovered the difference between wants and needs in relationships.

Day 50

My whole body resonated with happiness and gratitude. I sent my sister this book.

Day 55

I said goodbye to Pittsburgh, my home of 21 years, for the time being. I said goodbye to my yoga studios. And I said goodbye to my animal shelter.

I had coffee with my best friend before getting on the road.

Day 60

I realized what it truly means to wish nothing but the best for someone.

After running into an ex.

Day 65

I helped open a yoga studio. I sanded, painted, scrubbed, and became best friends with my toolkit in those seven days before the studio opened.

Then I taught the first class to 35 students.

Day 70

I felt profound guilt at the passing of my childhood dog, Maggie.

I’m still working on letting that guilt go.

Day 75

After severe burns my whole life as a ginger, I finally considered the real possibility of this:

And decided to rock a onesie at the beach: Audrey Hepburn style.

Day 80

I was reminded to choose my battles wisely…

…When all I wanted to do was fight.

Day 85

I practiced yoga outside the Liberty Bell with a group of 30 + yogis.

I got bugs in my nose and sun in my eyes, but Locust Pose never smelled better.

Day 90

I got in a (minor) car accident…

…On the way to meet my boyfriend’s whole family.

Day 95

I learned what stillness really means under the uncontrollable body aches associated with strep throat.


Kathryn Budig posted this to Facebook and it changed my whole day:

It’s one thing to keep your cool when things are easy; but it’s completely different when things start to get hard. THAT’s yoga.

Day 1

My friend sent me this video. It reminded me of why I love animals, and more importantly, it made me smile:

And I realized how far 100 days can take a person.

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