July 7, 2011

Bono gives blind fan the ultimate gift: joy. And, his guitar.

All I want is to watch this video of Bono taking a blind man up on stage, singing All I Want is You (which was the fan’s wedding song), then giving him his guitar.

Excerpt from CNN:

…“My brother-in-law made the sign for me, we borrowed a piece of paper and a marker from some fans. It was always my dream to get on stage. I held it up throughout the concert, and at the very end, he [Bono] finally called me up.”

…“started to drop my sign [because the show was over], and all of a sudden I heard Bono’s voice, ‘What do you want to play, man?’ I thought, there’s no way he’s talking to me, there’s no way!”

… “My brother in law kinda leaned into me, ‘he’s talking to you.’ So I yelled out ‘All I Want is You,’ the fans started yelling it as well. Bono said, ‘Let’s get this dude up here. Let’s get him a guitar. Let’s get him my guitar.’ Before I knew it, I was on stage.”

…chose that song because its he and his wife’s song, and sums up the whole experience by saying, “I have dreamt it a million times, and it was better than I ever would have imagined.”

Good god, here’s a new test for whether your heart is functioning, or not. Simple. Watch this. If you feel something in your chest, if you want to happy/cry, you’re good.

Via Daily What:

This IS All Kinds Of Right of the Day: Adam writes: “A blind U2 fan near the front of the stage held up a sign ‘Blind Guitar Player, Bring Me Up!’. At the end of the show, Bono asked the guy to come up and handed him his guitar.  He and his wife danced to All I Want is You at their wedding so he played it while Bono sang. While attempting to hand Bono’s guitar back to him, Bono refused and told him to have it.”

“It took me a second,” 32-year-old Adam Bevell of Pheonix later told the Sun Herald. “I had no idea what was going on because in my mind they had left and walked off. I had no idea Bono was still there. Instantly, I was lifted over that front rail and hoisted on stage by the security guards. Before I knew it, I could hear Bono’s voice saying, ‘what do you want to play man?’”

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