July 11, 2011

Please Stop. Breathe in, Breathe Out. Go for a walk, alone. {Warning: Graphic Image}

Editor’s Question: Punishment is a start for animal abusers. But it’s not enough, right?

Half an hour after belatedly hearing about this via a reader on our elephantjournal.com readers for Animal Rights Facebook Page…I only feel sadder and sadder. Beyond jailing this angry young man (see below), is there some sort of rehabilitation we offer to animal abusers so they hopefully never do again? That’s what I’d love to know–resources for the aggressors so they will never be aggressive again to animals.

I agree they ought to receive harsh sentences. But that won’t make them better unless they receive some therapy or treatment or training to deal with their anger, right? None of us want this to happen again, and many such animal abusers probably grew up in environments full of aggression. It’s no excuse, certainly, but they need more than punishment. ~ ed.

A list of recent dog stabbings.

A petition to sign regarding the Denver slashing of Diamond, a puppy, who was then thrown outside because he had the nerve to bleed all over the owner’s apartment. More on that here and here.


The owner of the American bulldog said he became angry after the puppy bit him. He then grabbed a knife and stabbed the dog five times “slashing his face,” Kelley said.

The puppy’s owner, who had no visible bite marks, threw the puppy outside because he was mad the dog was bleeding in the apartment, Kelley said.

The puppy was found wandering near the apartment and was immediately taken to Alameda East Veterinary Hospital. After 3 hours of surgery the puppy was placed in an oxygen tent and is expected to survive.

“It’s very concerning when you see a situation like this,” Kelley said. “It’s very sad, it’s such a sweet puppy and you just wonder how something like this could happen.”

This is unspeakably sad. Please share if so inspired, as this sort of thing probably happens more than we know, and any cruelty against animals is too much animal cruelty, and it damages the soul of the aggressor, not just the animal.

And, not to get all vegan on you, but this sadness is precisely what you and I might feel if we ever bothered to visit and observe the confinement, torture, and killing in factory farms.

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