July 19, 2011

Someone forgot to tell Congressman Ron Paul what he could & couldn’t think & say.

My kind of Republican: non-intervention, get government interference out of our lives (including incompetent TSA & anti-gay rights bigotry)…freedom.

Republicans agree with Ron Paul, overall. Liberals agree with Ron Paul, overall.

“I don’t believe for a minute the TSA makes us safer and they consume a lot of money. It’s a false illusion that if you give up your freedoms you’re going to be safer.”

“Bring the troops home. Don’t incite those individuals who would like to be left alone and then they join the Taliban or Al Qaeda…they resent us bombing them and killing civilians and occupying their lands…we win a lot more with peaceful negotiations.”

If a liberal said that, he’d / she’d be strung up.

There are so many great quotes in this brief interview, I’ll just shut up and let you get to it:

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Read 4 comments and reply

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