August 4, 2011

How Carlos Cymerman, Founder of “Social Co-Op”, Plans on Changing the World

Carlos Cymerman has switched up the conventional business model for his recruiting business, by essentially turning himself into the “human Linked-In,” donating a portion of his profit back to the person who connected him, and sponsoring programs that he believes will change the world

The idea that he could take corporate profits and filter them back to the community, and is interested in doing so through “human,” not “cyber,” relationships fascinated me.

So, I interviewed him to learn more…

You have started what is termed a “social co-op,” could you explain what that is?

SocialCo-Op is a collaborative business solution that uses the concept of “paying it forward,” to fundraise and positively impact people; recruiting for social good to change lives.

Who are you? And what initiated this movement?

I have been a successful recruiter for the past 15 years; connecting people to great jobs. I started to think about the value of making recruiting a solution to share money and change people’s lives, by investing in people.

Imagine if every person in America had an additional $5,000 or even $10,000 every year to invest in themselves, their loved ones, and the community. More people would be “social philanthropist” able to afford and pursuit activities that make them happy and successful.

Who does the social co-op benefit, and how does it benefit you?

Anyone who participates in the co-op by collaborating and sharing contacts receives financial and altruistic rewards.

By creating a co-op, I am developing an intentional community of like-minded people who share similar values.

Instead of hiring more sales people, I chose to use the power of people and relationship, keeping the process personal and professional, to effectively give people every opportunity to make the most of their contacts. In effect, the more people I know, the more connections I make, and the more money is generated to benefit both the co-op and myself.

When did it start and what is current state of the program?

We started the program over 4.5 years ago, and changed the model several times, until found our niche; fundraising for people by paying it forward to change the world. We are currently working with several people to fundraise for them.

How do you plan on creating 1 million rockstars?

If every person paid forward support of their friends and family to win in life, and taught the value of being of service to others, before long there would be intentional, meaningful, and co-operative communities that benefitted individuals to be rockstars in life. The power of the community is immense.

Who do you sponsor?

I sponsor who I love most. At this time in my life, I sponsor and fundraise for Zen Rizing, their music is psychedelic rock it inspires people to realize their dreams. They are a co-operative band that is committed to paying it forward and give 5% of their future earnings to the first 100 people who join Social Co-Op.

How is the program funded?

We fundraise for people by using technical recruiting to generate and share proceeds.

How do people get involved?

SocialCo-Op is looking to connect with people who are looking to raise funds to develop business ideas, launch their own causes, or artistic endeavors that will positively impact the world.

People have to be available to meet in person, and be open to working collaboratively. SocialCo-Op uses people’s contacts to generate recruiting proceeds. We look forward to developing mutually beneficial relationships and change the world.

People may choose to sponsor their family and friends for this offering too. We will support the sponsorships by fundraising for your loved ones.

If interested, please contact [email protected]

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