August 25, 2011

What Meditation Is and Isn’t: In a 137 Words + {Video}

photo courtesy of Jide

Airing Out A Musty Mind…‎

Meditation is not another form of entertainment. Entertainment is mental clutter. It is an attempt to relate to our ideas about how things should be.

Instead of relating to the precision of the present moment, we relate to our musty ideologies. This enables the ego to avoid the ‘ultimate disappointment’ that is enlightenment, as it keeps the path of transformation on the back burner and the ego out of harm’s way.

Meditation is the practice of letting thought breathe. Allowing the mind to come back to the present moment. Allowing thought to touch the here-and-now. Giving up the ego-centric project. That is meditation.

When thought breathes, it is refreshed. When the gap between thought is appreciated, thought is inspired by reality. Then, we are revealed to be a manifestation of truth. This is the restoration of sanity.

In the video below American Buddhist teacher, Lama Surya Das walks us through the practice of letting the mind be

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