September 8, 2011

Harness Your Moon Time Stallion. ~ Nicole Maniez

Photo: Brenda Clarke

Let the creative juices flow.

Some of you know this. Things are fine and moving along; it’s a normal day. Then a sudden flash of complete knowing charges through you: your moon time will soon be arriving. Yes, your moon time – your period, ladies. Also known as, Urma, the rag, your menses. Whatever you want to call it. And the way you know is simple. You are suddenly pissed, but don’t know at whom or what. But wait, you realize your partner is suddenly a complete idiot. How did that beautiful person suddenly transform into a total douche?

Photo: Josh Janssen

You’re old enough now to recognize the pattern. It’s okay. You’re just getting your period. But you still feel guilt for the hormonal storm that has besieged first you, and now your household. But what else do you feel? ‘Cause now is the time to tap into some powerful energies, ladies. Drop the guilt and ride the moon stallion. Something good may come.

Hidden within my unfounded anger, creativity abounds. It’s like the moon is pulling on me now. The images come, the curiosity expands. I have art to make. And I need to make it now. I have something to say and something to share and I don’t have the space to care how it will be received.

Photo: Carrie Eberhardt

As women, we are inescapably drawn (sometimes forced) into this monthly challenge of stability and calm. Can I stay peaceful and centered through this transition? Will I be totally rattled and unbound by my hormones? Can I stay conscious and aware even as the universe pulls at my heart strings? Or more, can I be aware of my volatility and accept it as something powerful and worthy. Can I use it to grow?

After my initial anger fart, I pull out my tools. I hide out in my garage-turned-art-studio for the benefit of my loved ones and myself. My journal gets filled with words and pictures. I spray paint, tinker and build. I feel strong and full. Stirred, not shaken. My garage is definitely big enough to hold this space for me. I’ll stay here for as long as I can and just feel it all. When my sweet moon time finds me next month, I will remember to respectfully hold this space, full of electricity and inspiration. I will surrender to Nature as She moves me to create.


Nicole Maniez is an acupuncturist, herbalist, yoga teacher and childbirth educator in the Boston area.  She is lucky to get to combine multiple loves into one sweet career, doing what she loves and helping people move closer to health and wholeness.  She is also a momma, an art maker, and an out-of-tune music maker.  Hoping that she will never lose the ability to laugh at her follies (and yours), she cultivates her curiosity in an attempt to keep life entertaining.  She loves mail.  Send her something inspiring.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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