September 29, 2011

Jon Stewart with Ron Paul: “You are one of our last consistent politicians.”

If I were Republican, I’d vote Jon Huntsman. If I were human, I’d vote Ron Paul. I don’t like his positions on many issues—say, abortion—but I respect and trust him, which is more than I can say for many.

Still, coming down on the right side of various issues is sometimes better than coming down on the wrong side, consistently. And, as we’ve seen with President Obama and countless others—it’s much easier to be “consistent” when you’re not electable—when you win and serve, you have to compromise, as the Framers intended through our three (or four) branch system of checks and balances.

As they say: campaigning is poetry, serving is prose.

Part Two, when they get into it (Jon Stewart still treads lightly—I’d like to see a half hour version of these five minutes):

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Read 1 comment and reply

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