September 28, 2011

Review: Yoga Journal Conference 2011 Products. ~ Laura Hobbs

Photo: SweetOmHaven

Yoga Journal Conference at Estes Park is the original yoga conference: tons of teachers, tons of students, and a big expo with lots of yoga and eco-minded gifts and tools for the path.

Products for review received free. Our honesty re how we like them or no, however, is priceless. ~ ed.

Our first stop in the bustling expo hall at the Yoga Journal Conference wound up being with Sarah Tomson Beyer, owner of MeSheeky: a line of women’s clothing, cover-ups and active wear based out of Park City, Utah.  Sarah gave me a cute little purple number to try out during my next session on the mat.  The short, stretchy skirt fit right over my tights and immediately added a little oomph to my otherwise boring outfit — not to mention it helped to cover up the harvest moon that is my ass.  I see the advantage of wearing something like a MeSheeky cover-up if you’re front and center in yoga class and don’t want your asana on display for everyone to see, or to accentuate an outfit or a look.  Being a bargain hunter myself, I found the price to be out of my range, especially for something that’s not a necessity to my wardrobe; but overall, a cute little number to spice up your ensemble? Totally.

After Sheeky-ing it up with Sarah, we headed over to the ToeSox booth, where we bounced around the idea of having Waylon pose for a ToeSox ad in nothing but — ahem — ToeSox, and maybe even the logo shaved into his chest hair (Disclaimer: that part not my idea! ~ed.).  Yeah, need a different visual? (yes, please. ~ ed) How about me rocking my pink Kathryn Budig toe-less ToeSox while I practice without a mat on my living room floor. The nubbly dots on the soles of the socks offered a sticky, mat-like hold, and the fact that they’re toe-less allowed my toes to do some of the gripping, too.  Shameless plug aside, I’m a huge fan of these socks, because they double as house slippers on a warm day.  ToeSox also gave me a pair of Five Toe Sandals that spread apart one’s toes, which I honestly found torturous at first — I’m on day four and I can happily say that I not grimacing in agony or hobbling around like a gimp anymore; I’m hoping that tomorrow will bring the podiatric enlightenment that I’ve been waiting for.

The third stop was to the Three Minute Egg booth, where they offered a funky little yoga block that’s ergonomically designed, touting “you’re not square, so why should your block be?”.  I don’t use blocks in my practice, so Waylon will be reviewing them whenever he gets his lazy mesheekyless butt on the yoga mat.

Photo: Third Eye Threads

Our last stop was to Third Eye Threads, where Chad Satlow chatted with us about life in Indiana and the company’s yoga-inspired designs. Chad gave me a short-sleeved blue burnout shirt with a big ol’ pink elephant stitched on the front, which I thought was apropos for being the newest elephant intern.  I wore the t-shirt during a recent practice at a local yoga studio, and got a couple of compliments on the color and the elephant.  Because it’s 100% cotton, it breathed really well, and — even though I’m consistently one year behind when it comes to fashion trends — I loved the longer, tunic-like length of the tee.  Again, because of my bargain shopping tendencies, the price tag made my eyeballs bulge a bit, but that’s just me.

Thanks to all the vendors who chatted with us at YJ’s great conference!  We had a blast.


Laura Hobbs: Yogini, cook, wife, writer, blogger, dog lover, cheese fanatic, gardener, wino, travel addict and occasional grumpy pants who lives in aria-inspiring Boulder, Colorado. She’s an intern at elephantjournal.com and the Ambassador and social media guru for Yoga Pod. She’s flattered you read this far.


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