October 24, 2011

Dear 99 Percenters. ~ Traci Wallace

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Dear 99 Percenters,

Congratulations on getting so many Americans (and now the world) behind your cause. Just one question: I am still a little unclear of what you really want.

I totally get what you are against (Wall Street, the rich, the excessive bonuses, corruption, and I am pretty sure, Capitalism), and don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing that so many people are behind a cause of any kind, but shouldn’t it be more clear what your overall goal is? What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

In my search for answers to this question, I am finding many extremely passionate and profound quotes such as, “Tonight we are coming together in Times Square to show the world that the power of the people is an unstoppable force of global change. Today, we are fighting back against the dictators of our country – the Wall Street banks – and we are winning.”

“Unstoppable force of global change!” Wow, that’s awesome! But again, I ask, what change are we talking about here? Winning what, exactly?

I am all about doing what’s right and fighting for causes that I believe in, which brings me to an interesting fact that has always resonated with me. Mother Teresa never attended an anti-war rally, but she would always lend her support to a peace rally. She realized that putting your energy behind something that you are “for” is far better than rallying behind something you are “against.”

With that being said, can someone please tell me what you are “for,” and maybe I can get behind it too.

 Traci a.k.a an American that is happy to have the freedom/opportunity to choose what I do for a living and the choice to work as hard or as little as I want, which directly corresponds the amount of money I earn – that is, unless you can convince me otherwise.


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