October 5, 2011

The Big Breakdown. ~ By Amanda Ramcharitar


A friend of mine likes to watch things breakdown.

He says all our shifting here and there in the big picture really is such a small fragment of change in the “grand scheme” of things. Take for example, the Grand Canyon. It has been found to hold the key to the age of our Mother Earth.

When scientists went to study the Grand Canyon what they found was the time map of sedentary deposits and breakdowns for the duration of how long the earth existed which, by the way, is approximately 406 million years! Yet for our human minds, it’s just not an easy comprehension. We think in terms of 10’s or 20’s or 100’s of years, and 406 million years is just not relatable.

We have such small, yet vast possibility of comprehension. In our short life spans, we can learn numerous subjects, travel to many lands, have uncountable experiences and recall historical events that are not even our own. It has been said that there are people in Africa that carry the responsibility to remember tribes’ ancestry for thousands of years and still people are a small blip on the cosmic clock. Yet we have the capacity to perceive, to remember and to comprehend.

It has been said by Yogi’s that in every person there is a universe that reflects the greater universe. With this begs the question – what can our DNA tell us? If we peel back the layers of our own personal universe found in the cells of our bodies, can we to find our own personal Grand Canyon?  Each and every one of us has evolved and been apart of the earth journey.  Our ancestors’ live in our DNA. Our DNA has the tale of our remarkable survival.

Photo: bolognesi.marianna

If anyone has attempted learning their family tree they would know that if they went back to their farthest reach they may only get to 1000 years? What would flesh and skin tell? When looking at the sediment of the Grand Canyon, only a devout Geologist may understand the story.

But what if the Grand Canyon could talk? What does this magnificent part of the Earth say?

When one stands very still in nature, we can hear the wind and we can hear the rainfall – this is our Mother Earth communicating. It’s just too slow for our ear’s to engage and our busy lives to spend time with. We attune to the air, because we depend on it. We take the air, we drink the water because our body does and takes what is necessary for our survival. However, to listen to the earth, to hear its slow change, it’s never ending shifting, rearranging, breaking down and growing up, well unfortunately we don’t have time for that. Or do we?

If one sits still and truly feel’s oneself, what many of us are surprised to find is not boring. There are sensations pulsing away inside of us.  Vibrations of energy, flowing and making us tick, making our hearts beat, lungs pumping to breath and organ’s functioning as the energy tells it too.

Our DNA’s energetic ability propels us forward and speaks a very similar language to the earth. To tap into our own personal energy not only gives us an uncanny awareness far beyond language, but I think the mysterious connection to the earth and possibly our whole galaxy is found in that subtle energetic language, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Or rather maybe the first step to the depth of the Canyon.


Amandra Ramcharitar is ayogini, animal lover and environmentalist, as well as an artist, writer, ponderer and wanderer. She seeks to experience life through the expansive awareness of possibility and hope. Follow Amanda on  Twitter or Facebook.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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