October 4, 2011

When was the last time you stopped to realize the beauty of the present moment?


It actually is this amazing. Every day. Can you feel it? Or is your mind somewhere else?

As you read this, wherever you are; take a moment to stop. Close your eyes. Breathe. Feel the beating of your heart. The sounds of your surroundings. The earth beneath your feet. Connect to this very moment.

Open your eyes. Know that wherever you are, whatever your life situation, there is one fundamental fact that will never escape you: you are here. Right now. Connecting to the present moment is the simplest way to recognize the beauty of being. In our busy lives, it’s also the easiest to forget. So remember. And give a silent thank you to everything that is. You are alive! That alone is a miracle.

Find your glimpses of enlightenment, and cherish them.

One of this year’s most magical moments. And me, celebrating it with a very present handstand.


Writer’s note: there has been no color or contrast editing in this video clip what so ever. It’s just Mother Earth, raw, in all her natural glory. Namaste to that.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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