October 13, 2011

Will the real Pandora please stand up ( please stand up)?

 A poem from the desk of Pandora, the “all-gifted” woman, to Tim Westergren, CEO and Founder of Pandora.com.

Mr. Tim Westergren!

I see you used my name.

For your internet music radio fame.


No worries, all is fair in love and war,

This verse I penned shall even the score.


Besides, you owe me no loyalties–

But couldn’t I sue you for royalties?


That would be no fun, no fun at all.

I’d rather we throw a Masquerade Ball

In the name of love, light, and Rainbow Brite,

Hands across the water,

And comedy tonight.


I’m the real Pandora

On this World’s Stage

Say, isn’t this The Golden Age?


Too bad this word is upside down and on Fire

Say, do you know how to tune a lyre?

My mother tells me her “give a damn is busted”,

Dr. King said, “ Human salvation lies in the hands of the creativel maladjusted.”

You know when I closed that box all that was left was Hope?

Pray, let’s help the children quit smoking dope.

One Love, Mr. Tim, you’ve heard the news?

Say, how many on your Team are Jews?


Tim, Tim, Tim, we must join forces

I shall meet you in my carriage, drawn by horses.

Better yet, by Jove, I’ve got it, Mister!

I shall reincarnate as your sweet yogi Sister..

Named Holly Jean Westergren–

Score one for the Swedes, they’ve done it again!


Now, now, don’t let this freak you out,

But what if the hokey pokey really is what its all about? 

It’s like Bowie sang

You want your Big Brother

But what everybody needs now

Is a real Earth Mother.


You know, Tim, I was named after a Neil Diamond song

And somehow I knew our collision wouldn’t take too long

Twas in the Stars, the world must hear:

Pandora’s news of Hope and good cheer!

What passion cannot music raise or quell?

Yet so many people are living in hell.

Lift every voice and sing!

I’ll now go listen to “Little Wing”.


Jimi understands how crazy it is

To be alive and on fire

With a heart for the world

And to be a very different sort of girl.


Tim, my brother, where art thou?

We must unite, the Time is now.

Pandora.com, meet Pandora in the flesh!

We’ve got a world to save, and I’m Jersey Fresh. 

Do you yoga, brother Tim?

Is it how you stay so slim?

I believe indeed the Swedes are crazy,

But one thing’s for sure, they’re definitely not lazy.


Well, I could rhyme for days as Muses do,

I’m just praying now I hear from you

 So we can heal the world, make it a better place

For you and for me and the entire human race.


I’ve got a lot of Soul and some visions from on High

Do get in touch and we’ll talk about why

The Westergren name is bound for glory

If you drop me a line, I’ll tell you the story.

It came to me one day in a dream

After listening to ABBA’s Dancing Queen.


That’s all for now, Mister Tim.

I’m pretty sure you are my next of kin.

Send me an email and please, Sir, make haste

We’ve got no Time at all to waste.


From heavenly harmony this Universal Frame began….

Please be in touch, dear brother Man.


Yours Truly,

Pandora ( a.k.a. Holly Westergren)






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