November 28, 2011

Lucy kicks Lululemon while its down? John Galt would be proud.

Update: Stephen Colbert just did a bit on Lululemon!

If I were Lucy, I would say “this controversial move by our rival Lulu is none of our business. Our focus? Making the best, greenest, fairest, most beautiful, long-lasting and comfortable yoga apparel for your path.”

If I were Lulu, I’d say: “We’re proud to be who we are, and let you know about that. But whether you read Ayn Rand or no isn’t important to us. It’s none of our business. What we ca…re about is that we can play some small role in you being the best, most happy and healthy you. That’s good for all of us.”


Corporate-backed un-eco yoga apparel throwdown? Yes, it’s time to sigh.

Yoga world has its pants in a tizzy. Or a wad.

Competition is getting cutthroat in the yoga world.

Lululemon comes out loud and proud with Atlas Shrugged books on their shelves in their stores and Who is John Galt on their tote bags?

Yoga world reacts in horror, realizing that their favorite yoga apparel company is espousing “Tea Party Bible” philosophy?

Mainstream media weighs in, calling Lululemon’s gutsy marketing move…clumsy at best?

Enter Lucy, a yoga apparel line that was designed and built, essentially, to go after the affluent Lululemon market…with a direct dig at Lulu, clearly hoping to peel off some patrons and win some…er, media attention. You got me.

Here’s the context—we’ve been reporting on this tempest in a tea cup well-fitting $90 yoga pants Made in China kerfuffle since day one, and we’re proud to say with some depth and insight (thanks, Carol etc.).

Lost in this conversation, still, is the true opportunity: for a yoga apparel company that offers well-fitting, stylish, and ethically-sourced clothes. Fair labor. Organic/eco. Let’s walk our talk on the mat, shall we?

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Read 21 comments and reply

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