December 22, 2011

A question to the Yogis of today. ~Dr. Indu Arora

Are you in touch with the real practice?

Yogis were primarily scientists to experiment within the laboratories of their bodies utilizing the tools like breath, 5 sensory & 5 motor faculties and posture.  Observing the results of certain practices done over and over again, they consolidated the experience into sutras (a collection of  wisdom in the form of a manual), mantras and shastras (treatise or text written in explanation of an idea).


The Yogis of today…are you scientists? Do you observe keenly….do you notice how the breath, the heart beat, the temperature (within as well as over the body) and the taste (in the mouth) changes with each asan (pose), each pranayama ( breath control) and each kriya (action, deed, effort) you perfrom?


What steps do you take to filter the energy if it is not filtered or do you just practice Yoga from one movement, breath, mantra to another in a robotic fashion? Are you in touch with the real practice?


Every Yoga Asan is therapy….there is nothing sepcial about Yoga Therapy as all asan are to make the body healthy and fit for the subtle energy to  move into the central channel taking the madhya patha (central channel~ sushumna).


What is your pratice primarily made up of? Do you contemplate after every asan, pranayama or kriya…how does your thought process change, how are your emotions affected? How has this movment, this breath touched or triggered or churned the panch koshas (man’s multi-body)?


How that vibration that you induced with your practice created ripples and where does these ripples reach…how has it increased the energy field, how has it raised your awareness? How deeper has it touched you?


Yoga is not merely learning the sanskrit names, standing on one’s head, chanting mantras or reciting sutras. It is inner transformation…that happens only with awareness…moment to moment awareness! It requires patience to observe these changes, accept these changes, digest these changes and grow from these changes. It requires courage to accept the new person that you have become or are becoming in the process of introversion!


Where are you in your practice?

Note: Sanskrit terms have been very briefly translated for beginners.  You are encouraged to discover more in-depth truths and history on these concepts, if you are not familiar with them.


Dr. Arora is a multi-faceted personality, an expert in the field of Therapeutic Yoga, Medicine Herbalism & Naturopath and Alternate Medicine. The primary focus of her teaching is to apply a holistic approach to heal her clients through a combination of Therapeutic Yoga, Diverse Meditation techniques, Bach Flower remedies, Acupressure, Reflexology, Magnetic Therapy, Naturopathy, Reiki, ESP, Herbal/ Kitchen remedies, Mantra and Mudras.

She lives in Boston and keeps her interest live in singing, dancing, painting, writing poems and making sculptures.

Visit her at Yog Sadhna.

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