December 20, 2011

Hurrah! Boulder County Commissioners Will Toor, Ben Pearlman, Cindy Domenico bravely flout commonsense, vote for GMOs.

For more serious, depressing coverage, click here and here.

A Good Day for Monsanto & Friends in Green-lite Boulder County.

We had the chance to begin a historic movement for the People and against corporation-controlled “food” and pesticides. Instead, we made the bold choice to embrace The Man, and abdicate precedent-setting leadership. Thanks, politically-incorrect Daily Camera. Thanks, Will. Thanks, Ben. Thanks, Cindy. It must have been hard not to listen to your constituents (though, easier at the last meeting where Monsanto & Friends had reserved speaking slots up until 11:30 pm).

In a heroically bold move, all three Boulder County Commissioners—their salaries paid for by the same taxpayers who pay for Boulder’s once-inspiring Open Space program—have approved the use of Genetically-Modified-Organisms (GMOs)—plants developed and patented by Monsanto and other major out of state corps—on our public lands. All this despite common sense, which might require us to have labeled, and tested GMOs thoroughly to be safe longterm (rather, GMO crops are addicted to Monsanto/etc-owned pesticides, that they may eventually grow immune to).

Will, Cindy and Ben could have cravenly thought about eco-responsibility, public health, and the good of the next seven generations. They could have represented their constituents—you know, human beings—who have been polled against untested GMOs in overwhelming numbers. Instead, they pulled a Palin and went rogue—voting for six farmers and out-of-state Corporations’ interests instead of little things like local constituents, and Mother Earth as God gave her to us.

I hope Stephen Colbert invites them on his show—they well fit his description of heroes.

PS: yes, everyone I’ve talked to today is depressed. A constant refrain: “What’s happening to Boulder?”


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