December 26, 2011

Happiest & Saddest Photos from 2011.

Following are some of the most powerful photos from 2011…

Japan shocks the world and wins the Women’s World Cup, in some tiny way relieving a nation devastated by the tsunami. This is why we love sports!

Free solo climber Alex Honnold uses just his fingertips, no safety equipment, to climb a rock higher than the Empire State Building. He has become famous for these daring adventures… but his days are numbered. All it will take is one slip and a fall thousands of feet to his death. While still alive, he inspires us to LIVE and not just get by…

“An elephant is a mouse with an operating system.” Anonymous

September 11, 2011 at The World Trade Center Memorial, a father mourns his son. If and when you come to New York City, this is a powerful powerful place.

The aftermath of Hurricane Irene. A reminder of a strength much more powerful than our own. “Until you transcend the ego, you do nothing but add to the insanity of the world.”

Yoga & Rioting. A man protests during a European Union gathering in Brussels in March. Someone needs to tell him to lift his tailbone.. and the heels need to root down.

The last two photos I think are the most emotional. They were taken in August at the funeral of Petty Officer Jon Tumilson who was one of 30 special operation troops killed when a US helicopter was shot down in combat in Afghanistan. Seen with him in the photo is his dog Hawkeye.

At Tumilson’s funeral, for the entire service, the dog Hawkeye lay by the casket, mourning his father.

Most of the above photos remind us that love is real, but it can be swept away in an instant.

We all know people who have passed on way too soon leaving us wondering if we’ll be around another 50 years or 50 seconds. This is not to say live scared, but LIVE FULLY, STOP WORRYING SO MUCH, ENJOY EACH DAY.

The 4 Questions

I try to answer these questions from time to time, and I’d like to challenge you to do the same.

If your days were numbered:

–Would you say that you have been present with your children, partner, parents and friends…or would they say you tend to be distracted or absent much of the time?
–Have you discovered a sense of purpose?
–Have you lived in a way that has touched others?
–Have you taken time to savor and enjoy life?

If the answer is yes, disregard the following…I wish you a Happy Holidays.

But if the answer is no, what are you gonna do about it?

Do you make up another New Years Resolution that fades out of memory two weeks into the new year……or do you take strong, bold action to get after it in 2012 and live a deeper, richer, more loving, more fulfilling life…

As goes the proverb: “Wake up. It’s later than you think.”

**If you’re looking to hold your feet to the fire and be more present with yourself, kids, family, and friends, check out my Livin the Moment 2012 program and Email me for the opportunity to register early.

Namaste and Happy Holidays,

David Romanelli

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