January 25, 2012

Finally, the Pro-life/Anti-earth Oxymoron Explained.

It is confusing to me how a large group of Republicans can be so vehemently pro-life yet so anti the environment. Either these people don’t understand that protecting the environment from major polluters and pollutants keeps all life (humans included) free of unnecessary toxins and carcinogens (SEE LINKS BELOW), or as the bumper stickers clearly state, they simply prefer the unborn.

If you are one of these mind-boggling Republicans, remember these toxins and carcinogens get into the mother and have an immediate and drastic effect on fetuses. If anything, protect the earth from harmful toxins for the fetuses. You won’t have to call yourselves “environmentalists”, call yourselves “Fetus Purifiers”, or something of the like…I’m sure you’re quite clever.

By the way, there are even Republicans environmentalists. You can join them (or him).

It’s never too late to stop cutting off your nose to ensure the major polluting industries that back your politician keep making insane profits (sharing none of the gains yet all of the “unforeseen” losses) while making us sick. I think that’s how the saying goes…

More on protecting the environment for fetuses (and the living)

From Medscape: Childhood Cancer and Environmental Toxins Are Both Increasing
From Discovery Health: Infant Development and Toxins
From Sierra Student Coalition: Tackling Childhood Asthma Not Coal Industry Priority After All
From NRDC: Benefits of Organic Food (or, “Why conventional farming is harmful”)

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