January 13, 2012

Stephen Colbert to run for President of the United States of…

…South Carolina, his native state. Yes, he’s actually really “seriously” running, and having and making fun along the way.

The serious part is he’s doing so in order to educate and make fun of Citizens United, and the suddenly-legal Super Pacs (Newt Gingrich just got $5 million from one donor, enabling him to stay in the race). Ideally, in a democracy, votes decide elections. But as we know, advertising and door-to-door efforts effect votes. And lobbying effects politicians’ decisions. So, now, money—now formally considered free speech—is far more powerful than individual citizens.

But that’s all boring, and though everyone cares, no one cares.

Though humorous, Mr. Colbert’s discussions about super PACs have had an educational and perhaps energizing effect among some members of his young audience. When Mr. Potter told the two comedians that “being business partners does not count as coordination, legally,” there were groans of disgust from some in the studio audience.

So Colbert is making it all fun and showing how ridiculous it is:


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Read 2 comments and reply

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