January 11, 2012

Who Says Yoga Isn’t Great For Weight Loss? This Video Shows You How.

Enlightenment Can Wait–I Have some Holiday Fat to Blast with Yoga!

Have you gone too far down into the vat of holiday cheer, and emerged a few pounds heavier?
Yoga can help you reclaim your body’s best balance, stat.

Yoga can be the worst exercise form ever to help you blast those holiday calories…or it can be one of the best. It all depends on which style and level you choose.

I lost 40 pounds (and gained all the other peace, centering, detox and self-awareness benefits that yoga brings) by doing a style of yoga, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga I created specifically to give us the most body, mind and heart benefits in less time. It’s built from 17 years of philosophy and asana study, married to the new anatomy information we’re learning from master Yogi/anatomists like Leslie Kaminoff, my mentor, and Tom Myers, the genius who discovered the Deep Core Line that is our body’s source of greatest and most efficient power.

When you move from the ground up and the inner body outward, and make every transition into yet another delicious opportunity to gain healthy, whole-body strength and flexibility, you will build lean muscle mass, and you will begin to burn more calories all day long. Plus, the Golden Flame breath you’re about to learn will stoke your metabolic and digestive fires, optimizing the foods you do eat, and ensuring that you’ll be nourished, yet fit.

To experience what it’s like to move along with your natural muscular integrity, try the following sequence:

MY YOGA FOR BLASTING FAT/HOLIDAY CALORIES: If you do this video once or twice every day for 21 days, and eat fresh, healthy whole foods, you’ll look and feel amazing, both inside and out! And yes…a little enlightenment may even creep up on you too, while you’re at it.


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Read 14 comments and reply

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