January 4, 2012

Why you don’t want Michael W Smith as a friend.

Ack. One of my favorite Christian singer-songwriters just jumped the shark. Michael W Smith posted the following as his Facebook status up-date this morning:

“Congrats to my good friend Rick Santorum for an unprecedented showing in Iowa yesterday.”

What the what?!? Really Michael?

Michael are you sure we’re talking about the same Rick Santorum?

I mean, are you talking about the Rick Santorum who said:

That he will end the marriages of legally married gays and lesbians. (see more about his “homophobia problem“)

That he doesn’t want to improve the lives of black Americans.

That states should make birth control illegal.

In addition, he tried to force our nation’s public school teachers to teach creationism – showing that he has no regard for facts or science.

And he was determined to be one of the most corrupt members of Congress.

Michael, I wonder just how “good” of a friend you really are?

You either clearly don’t know these things about your “good friend” — which makes you not such a good friend,  … or you, gulp, agree with him on these matters — which makes you not such a good friend with many of your Facebook friends, or to most of the scientists, women and gay people you may count among your friends.

Michael, friends tell each other if their flies are down or if they have spinach stuck to their teeth or toilet paper stuck to their heels. You failed to be a friend to Rick. So here, let me be your friend by holding this mirror up to you:

You may be talented, you may have a voice that I am really envious of, you may have a great head of hair, but… you sure have poor taste in friends. You also have poor business sense. Expect a marked decrease in ticket sales for your concerts and sales of your albums.

your friend,



Roger Wolsey is the author of  Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don’t like christianity. He blogs for Elephant Journal, Huffington Post, and Pathos. He’s an active member of The Christian Left Facebook page. He’s got a lot of friends – who tell him his fly is down or, more frequently, when he has typos.

On a related note: here’s “20 Reasons not to Vote for Santorum

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