February 20, 2012

Feed Your Head (By Opening Your Heart).

Sometimes our heads need feeding.

During the weekend Kaspa & I walked across the Worcestershire fields alongside the river Severn, with the Malvern hills as our backdrop. We stumbled upon a caravan park, deserted for the winter, and sat and looked at the reflections in the water. I noticed long-tailed tits, the squidge of mud under my boots, the cold air entering and exiting my lungs.

I also disappeared into the glittering Aladdin’s cave that is Pinterest. Pinterest lets you gather the most beautiful images with a click of your mouse & create your own ‘boards’. Here’s Channing Allard’s glorious board where I found the goldfish image, and here’s what I’ve made so far.

This is how I fed my head this weekend. But I don’t think it matters so much where you go or what you do. It matters whether your head is ready for feeding or not.

To prepare yourself for nourishment, you need to allow your eyes, ears, nose, fingers, mouth, head & heart to open.

This is the kind of preparation we talk about when you go out hunting small stones. What helps you?

What helps me?

Sometimes I need to ‘talk something out’ with someone before I can focus on what’s around me. Sometimes I need an afternoon slobbing out with a trashy novel. Sometimes I need to be disciplined about doing the things I know are good for me. Sometimes I need to say ‘no’ to things. Sometimes I need to say ‘yes’. Sometimes I need reminding that nourishing my head doesn’t always taste nice, and I need to digest a few uncomfortable truths. Sometimes (often, always) I need to remember gratitude.

What helps you? Can you do something today? Can you put something in your diary?

Do share your thoughts in the comments.

We have a few free offerings that will help, including How To Write Your Way Home about Lorrie with pea-green eyes. There’s lots of good stuff on elephant journal and out there, waiting for you to pick it up and devote some time to yourself.

And if you fancy feeding your head with a little more psychedelic, here’s the song from which I took the title of this blog: White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. I’m very fond of it. Happy feeding.


‘Goldfishes’ originally from creative journal.


Editor: Andrea B.

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