February 6, 2012

One With All: Dealing with Anger.

“Recognising oneself in all beings, and all beings in oneself, be happy, free from the sense of responsibility and free from preoccupation with “Me”.” ~ Ashtavakra Gita

Seed: For if you see yourself in everything, it would be impossible to be unkind to anything

Awareness one

Beware of the anger of the body.
Master the body.
Let it serve truth.

Beware of the anger of the mouth.
Master your words.
Let them serve truth.

Beware of the anger of the mind.
Master your thoughts.
Let them serve truth.

The wise have mastered
Body, word and mind.

They are the true masters. ~Dhammapada

Awareness two

Let go of anger.
Let go of pride.
When you are bound by nothing,
You go beyond sorrow.

Anger is like a chariot careering wildly.
He who curbs his anger is the true charioteer.
Others merely hold the reins.

With gentleness overcome anger.
With generosity overcomes meanness.
With truth overcomes deceit. ~Dhammapada

Awareness three

Speak the truth,
Give whatever you can,
Never be angry.

These three steps will lead you into the presence of the gods. ~Dhammapada

The Antidote

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Read 6 comments and reply

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