March 16, 2012

George Clooney Witnesses War Crimes in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains. (Graphic)

“You’re a very brave boy.”

He does more than take a pretty video of himself walking around. He’s paid for the Satellite Sentinel Project to patrol the border for two years, and it’s captured key violations.

Deliberate bombing of civilians—women and children—even as they hide in caves.

This is what you do with celebrity. Shed light.

This is what celebrity is good for. This is a video that deserves to go viral. Spread the word.

WARNING: This video contains graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing.

In a recent trip across the Sudanese border into rebel-held territory in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains, George Clooney witnessed rocket attacks and the effects of aerial bombardment by the Sudanese regime against the Nuban people. This trip diary was written and directed by George Clooney in the field with the Enough Project.

To take action, text SUDAN to 30644.

Visit www.EnoughProject.org for more information.




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Read 3 comments and reply

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