April 6, 2012

Acupuncture, the Writer & the Hologram. ~ B.J. Blackmore

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As I lay on the table with many needles sticking into my back and leg, my mind wandered. I went many places, I reviewed some of what I had heard, learned and perceived in the previous week.

I was exposed to a theory / practice of Burt Goldman’s called “Quantum Jumping.” The theory being that, as the physicists are postulating these days, since our universe is infinite, beyond the bubble of our universe, there exists an infinite number of other universes. That being the case, there are an infinite number of possibilities for the choices that “I” make in life and somewhere out there, there is another version of me that has lived the same life as I up to a specific choice, and she made the other choice and went in a different direction. Since that choice, our lives have not been the same.

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There being a infinite number of choices that I can make in a lifetime, and an infinite number of moments on the fractal scale of space and time, there can only be an infinite number of “mes” or “yous.” Okay, now, since this is a holographic universe, and each is a part of the whole, I can “imagine” that I am one of these other mes, and inhabit that body, and be that person, reviewing her skills and talents.

Say, for example that I choose to become a famous writer. In meditation I assume the entity of Barbara, the famous writer, and investigate her process of getting the words and ideas down on paper. Returning to this time and space, I have had the experience of being that person, and can start to bring those skills into my life and reality here and now. Okay, Follow that?

Now, as I was lying on this acupuncture table, I was musing about this theory, and musing about our holographic universe. If each is a part of all, then I need not go beyond this city, this world, to have that same experience.

Since I am a part of all famous writers, I need only find that part of me — the holographic universe — that is the famous writer, and experience the skills of all. Returning to the energy within my skin, I can then use those skills that are so near and already a part of me, that is a part of all.

editor: Greg Eckard


Barbara Blackmore has spent her time exploring opportunities, and chewing on the edge of life. She now lives in Key West, enjoying life and becoming. View her blog here, or find her on facebook.

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