April 23, 2012

The Awakening of Robots through Acro Yoga. {Video} ~ Akira Chan & Adelaide Marcus

If you’ve been to Black Rock City, like dance, like yoga, or like wow, this video’s for you. Please share it up. ~ ed.


With a splash of acro artistry, tribal electronica, and a heart based spiritual transmission, Default Evolution is much more than a home grown music video.

This short film is third in a series of Conscious Collaborations by two multi-faceted artists dedicated to raising awareness through evolutionary themes and memes. Akira Chan is an ambassador in the world of conscious media. Combine his visionary eye with Adelaide Marcus’ ability to perform and conceptualize story lines, and the formula was set for this on-going video series. The visionary duo have more magic up their sleeves and they proceed with more creations, casting their conscious collaborations out into the ocean of emerging transformative media.

“As robots, we roam the industry of our world. We turn on, we shake hands, and shut down, but do we wake up do we see each other? Robots operate off patterns and auto responses. They move without attention, breathe without feeling and merely repeat the actions of past and present. They symbolize the human form as a direct reflection of our mechanical environment, living inside the circuit board of the mind, consuming useless parts to make them feel full and ingesting the toxicity that claims to fuel them. But when surrounding structures collapse how long will these robots continue in meaningless movement and pre-programmed cycles? Must they break down to rebuild? Must the light flicker off for them to see the glimmer in their eyes and feel the beating in their chest? Will they wait until the mind short circuits so they can find a new source of power in their hearts? Perhaps this is all just a part of the process in the default evolution.”


Akira Chan is a mixed race, mixed media visual artist based in Southern California. He currently finds himself in a colorful vortex of activated do-gooders, and is applying his talents towards video projects ranging from the birthing of an eco-village, yoga and chinese medicine 3D instructional videos, circus arts spiritual activists, transformational gatherings, and a new genre of sacred sexuality media.

Akira’s ultimate intention for creating conscious media is to raise awareness and co-facilitate the current renaissance towards a thriving, heart-based New Age. More of his work can be viewed at www.akirachanarts.com

Adelaide Marcus is a visual and performing artist. Adelaide was brought up by artist parents who grounded her to a truly innovative mindset. Her father illustrated the value of creativity and self-motivation through his transformation from a struggling artist to a successful painter and gallery owner. Her mother demonstrated the significance of physical expression through her art as a beautiful dancer.

In August of 2005 Adelaide moved to San Diego to create the Middle Eastern Dance Company, The Shimmy Sisters, with her sister Leilainia. Since then she has risen and flourished as a fully sustainable performance artist. Adelaide considers her visual art a balancing mechanism in her career, where she steps out of the spotlight to look inward and let her mind unravel. As a Visionary Artist, Adelaide focuses on art with a message.

Whether delivered live through her performance pieces or captured timelessly in her paintings and videos, Adelaide is expressing a self that is unbound. As she has expanded in many directions she has come to recognize all of her creative endeavors as one. Adelaide is her Art! Her ever-expanding body of work can be enjoyed at www.artbyadelaide.com.


Editor: Brianna Bemel
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Read 4 comments and reply

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