April 30, 2012

United in Anger: History of ACT UP. {Video} ~ Hayley Samuelson


Rory Finneren

In 1987, the prolific advocacy group, AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power was created. This revolutionary group of men and women, also referred to as ACT UP, worked to make a difference in the lives of those living with AIDS.

The AIDS pandemic in America at the time was misunderstood by the public, misconstrued by the media and not receiving proper attention from the government, ACT UP sought to change that and make health care for those with AIDS a basic human right.

ACT UP is known for holding major protests on Wall Street, shutting down the FDA for one day during one of their largest demonstrations and always protesting in a controversial, in your face way in order to gain better attention.

United in Anger: A History of ACT UP is the first feature length film about this group and the differences they made in the world of AIDS.

The film documents ACT UP’s history through use of interviews of its members and archival footage. Just watching the two minute trailer had me inspired, angered, confused and left me dying to learn more.

As the film’s website says:

“UNITED IN ANGER reveals the group’s complex culture – meetings, affinity groups, and approaches to civil disobedience mingle with profound grief, sexiness and the incredible energy of ACT UP.”

Watch the trailer here:

Click here for information on screenings near you and visit unitedinanger.com


Hayley is studying journalism, politics and international media at the University of Colorado at Boulder. In between juggling school and various jobs, she makes time to snowboard, travel, write and craft. She surrounds herself with people that motivate and embrace her as she strives to make a difference in anyway she can. Follow her on twitter.

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