June 8, 2012

elephant review: The Zafu that Saved my Ass.

The Ultimate Meditation Cushion Break-in Period: Vipassana Retreat! 

{Note: elephantjournal.com and Aminda Courtwright received this zafu for free, in return for a guarantee that we would review said offering. That said, we say what we want—good and bad, happy and sad.}

This Zafu from Yoga Styles was put through some rigorous testing:

 100 plus hours of meditation

1000 miles of motorcycle travel

I am happy to say that this firmly packed and well constructed cushion stood up to all of that with style and grace. Yoga Styles cushions are made in Arizona and are filled with organic buckwheat hulls.

If you aren’t used to a very firm seat, be warned—this is densely packed. At first, it was so different than my current cushion I wasn’t sure about it, but after 100 hours or so on this cushion, I can safely say it helped me immensely. My lower back and knees were digging the firm support!

This firmness and sturdy construction can be found in the matching bolster. Upon my return, my students told me that they love the new bolster, and I love the fabric.

I officially met Susan Lefkowitz-Nichols of Yoga Styles last year at the Flagstaff Yoga Festival, even though I had seen her products at local studios for some time. For me there is nothing better than having a face to go with a brand, to meet the human being behind the business, and I love supporting entrepreneurial businesses. I left FYF with a yoga rug (as seen in the picture) and a new friend.

I have since seen Susan at a few other events such as Successful Spirit Summits and Bhakti Fest. What I love is that not only are her products fantastic, but that I am supporting a lovely person.

She designs and tests her clothes and her burnout shirts and tunics are ridiculously soft, and for once, sized for normal humans. Her story of becoming a yoga stylist is adorable and her story of being a cancer survivor is inspiring.

So if you are looking for some props, clothes or mat bags support a home grown business.

She also does wholesale pricing if you would like to include her amazing stuff on your studio retail floor.

Who knows, maybe it will save your ass, too!


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