August 21, 2012

19 Facts About One of the Greatest Forests on the Planet. {Video}

#1. The “world’s largest and most devastating environmental industrial project” is situated there.

Scroll down for the remaining 18 facts about the Boreal Forest.

But before you do, I hope you’ll watch Garth Lenz present his photos and the impact of tar sands mining in this moving, unforgettable TED talk video.

Your Voice Counts!

In the U.S.: Tell President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline from the Canadian tar sands and instead focus on safe, clean energy.

All others: Let the Candian government know your concerned about the endangerment of the Boreal Forest.

More about Garth Lenz.

TED speaker Garth Lenz’s work as a photojournalist has won him top awards at Pris de la Photographie Paris and the International Photography Awards. He is also a fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. His solo exhibition featuring the Alberta Tar Sands, “The True Cost of Oil” premiered in 2011.

Eighteen more Facts about the Boreal Forest (via Canadian Geographic):

  1. 53 percent of land in Canada is covered by boreal forest.
  2. 25 percent of the world’s boreal forests lie within Canada’s borders.
  3. Several million litres of water are absorbed and filtered in the boreal forest every day.
  4. 80 percent of the world’s unfrozen fresh water supply is found in Canada’s boreal forest.
  5. More than 500 indigenous communities live in the boreal region
  6. 1.5 million lakes are distributed throughout the boreal forest
  7. Up to five billion birds—about 200 species—breed in the boreal region.
  8. 35 waterfowl species use the boreal forest.
  9. 60 percent of Canada’s bird population can be found in the boreal regions.
  10. 40 percent of North America’s migratory waterfowl use the boreal forest.
  11. 20 tree species can be found in the boreal region.
  12. 5,000 species of fungi grow in boreal forests.
  13. Water bodies include: bogs, fens, marshes, shallow lakes, rivers, and wetlands
  14. 94 percent of Canada’s boreal forest is publicly owned.
  15. More than 30 percent of boreal forest has been allocated to industry.
  16. 90 percent of logging in Canada’s boreal forest is clearcutting
  17. 30 percent of boreal region is within a kilometer of a road.
  18. 85,000 migratory bird nests were lost in 2001 due to logging.
  19. We need to stop the tar sands from ruining it.

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