August 30, 2012

Celebrate National Yoga Month with Free Online Yoga Classes from EkhartYoga.

September is National Yoga Month, which culminates on the last day of the month with the Time for Yoga Global Community Practice.

The new website EkhartYoga.com brings you a month of free online yoga instruction to new and experienced yoga practitioners in preparation for this unprecedented worldwide event.

EkhartYoga is posting three classes a week during the month of September, with each week focusing on a different theme.

In Week one, we will be looking at standing postures and how they promote strength and stability on the mat, and how these can flow over into life off the mat.

Week two is devoted to twist poses, which help restore the spine’s natural range of motion and cultivate healthy organs by stimulating circulation and digestion. For these classes, be ready to digest, cleanse and renew on various levels, both physical and psychological.

In Week three, we will work on hips and hamstrings. Stretching these areas helps to keep the lower back healthy. And, since the hips are thought to be the storehouse of our emotions, working on them can make one feel lighter. Forward bending quiets the mind and calms the body.

In the final week, we will focus on heart-opening postures. The idea will be to open our hearts so that we may better enjoy the connection of practicing yoga as a global group during the Time for Yoga on September 30 (at 7 p.m. your local time).

The final class in week four will be your 90-minute Time for Yoga class.

National Yoga Month was created by the California-based nonprofit Yoga Health Foundation, and the event has been officially recognized by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services since 2008.

Esther Ekhart and her partners launched EkhartYoga.com in 2012 due to growing demand for longer, more in-depth videos on their YouTube channel (yogatic), which has received 20 million views since 2008. Ms. Ekhart’s aim is to spread her love of yoga and share her knowledge with the world.

Ekhart and her fellow yoga experts hope to see you online in the coming weeks, and we look forward to helping prepare you for the first-ever global yoga practice.

Those visitors who decide to subscribe to the EkhartYoga.com site in September will receive two additional free weeks added to the first month of their subscription.

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