August 27, 2012

Obama that I used to Know.

Or, why Extreme Liberals suck.

Liberals seem to think Obama, or Carter, or Clinton, or Gore, or Kerry…need to be perfect.

Liberals are children. We’d prefer to lose than vote, as we put it, for the lesser of two evils.

How’d that work out in 2000? Gore went on to create an Inconvenient Truth, and Bush created two wars, turned an historic surplus into economic collapse, and appointed justices who created Citizens United and therefore Superpacs.

No one’s perfect. Grow up. Even if he/she you love gets elected, you’ll find they aren’t perfect. Why? Because we elect a


not a

King or Queen.

Presidents aren’t all-powerful. Obama tried to close Gitmo. He’s worked hard, as the Onion famously pointed out, to dig us out of our economic hole—but in facing the winds of the Tea Party, there’s only so much he can do. He never claimed to be an extreme liberal, anyways: he’s a centrist, about bringing the parties together, no matter how the extreme conservatives try to paint him (as a foreign-born Muslim Socialist).

So, I take exception to this video, even while I’m passionate about its fundamental desire: Peace on Earth.

Bonus: the original.

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Read 5 comments and reply

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