September 10, 2012

May I Have This Dance? ~ Martha Brennan Weinfurter

Movement and Energy: Into the Age of Intuition

Did you know that it takes an average of 25 years for new concepts to penetrate a society’s cultural belief system? That’s an average, so generally it takes longer than that.

Quantum physics was introduced in 1900 and we are still trying to grasp the concept of what it is, yet alone what it means outside the laboratory. It hasn’t necessarily been accepted with open arms, giving credence to William James who stated, a century ago: “A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous and then dismissed as trivial, until finally it becomes what everybody knows.”

Has the time come for for us to accept that there is another component to who we are?

On an evolutionary level, are we exiting the informational age (it will always be with us, but not holding such authority over our psyche), and emerging into the age of honoring our intuition?  Will this propel us into a new belief that recognizes that we are responsible for the circumstances of our life or at least how we react to those circumstances?

The new science is saying that we are comprised of so much “energy” that it takes up 95 percent of who we are. So what does that mean? It may mean that we are in charge of what type of music we want to dance to throughout our day whether soft and serene or jarring and kinetic.

Michael Bernard Beckwith said it best in the forward of the book, Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration, by Penney Peirce: “The world’s scientific communities agree that energy comprises all things and that energy systems are conscious.”

In other words everything dances in this swirling, oscillating, vibrating energy.

Beckwith goes on to state:

“It’s interesting how we commonly regard cosmic energy as something out there, crackling in some far-flung location beyond the earth upon which we walk.  The truth is, this same energy is present in here, right within our existence as an individual self and everywhere present in the atmosphere in which we live. So when we are dealing with the subject of energetic frequencies, it is not a mysterious ‘something’ vibrating out in the stratosphere, but directly within our individual inner space.”

So we are frequencies, waveforms that modulate at a certain speed and thus interact with other frequencies by adding or subtracting to another waveform. Think of music, which is vibration and involves combining two or more frequencies to form a chord or another harmonic. Each person operates at a unique harmonic or set of frequencies.

When a person is vibrating at a particular frequency the law of nature will attract the same tone that person is sending out. How do we set our frequency to play at the right note for us, as an individual? We may have to learn to “feel” again, to find the courage to get out of our heads and into our hearts and be uniquely who we are. Here is a formula to consider.

1.) Find a new pair of glasses to view your world with.

Find your unique pair of glasses to view the world through, honor the old pair, thank them for teaching you whatever needed to be taught but acknowledge that if they no longer serve you, it’s time to say goodbye with love.

That pair of specs you just discarded were filtering views that you most likely inherited at birth or early childhood. That world-view which you held as a trajectory of your current life, doesn’t necessarily work anymore. It could be holding you back or keeping you in a state of fear.  Your subconscious holds up these frames given by your tribe, because it is thought that these beliefs, which have worked in the past, will work in the future. But you are an evolutionary being and that means change is what propels you forward, not leaning on the past.

Shedding old beliefs or perceptions may mean that you decide to put yourself first, which our culture frowns upon. It means being selfish. It’s time to be selfish, providing space for the self to grow in the vibrational world, which brings up the vibration for the rest of the world as well, thus everyone benefits. Letting go of old views and beliefs that you know “intuitively” no longer serve you, and finding your own unique view of the world and sharing that, is why you are here.

  2.) Lighten your load

Your baggage is the denser emotions you like to hold onto because it gives you secondary gains or you’ve had it forever and would not know what it would be like without these faithful companions. Some baggage is heavier than others and you can pay a fee if you go over the weight limit. The fee can come in the form of physical, mental or emotional dysfunction. The scientific theory is that emotions and thoughts are waveforms and hold an electric and magnetic charge. If enough waveforms such as guilt and shame accumulate in the body they can serve as a magnet, attracting vibrations or emotions oscillating at the same frequency, which can start to manifest as physical, mental or emotional disharmony. These waveforms or emotions can hold onto our bio-field like static cling.

Through the emerging field of energy psychology (EP), we can shake off this clinging mass of needy emotions. EP is both a clinical and a self-help modality that combines psychological and physical processes for bringing about therapeutic change. While it is based on established scientific principles that govern psychology, the approach also incorporates concepts and techniques from non-Western systems for healing and spiritual development.

When we experience what we consider a traumatic situation and do not release the emotions attached to the trauma, our body holds onto that vibration. Like attracts like in the vibrational world so we keep attracting more of the same.

A perfect example of this is the case of a 50-year-old client, that came to see me for the first time with a frozen shoulder she had been harboring for four years. The medical community said they did not understand why she had this issue; they could do nothing for her. I started pulling out two primary emotions of anger and grief as we worked specifically with her shoulder. The “story” that brought in the anger and grief in the first place was that she lost her brother in her late teens and never processed the experience on an energetic level. She was very bright and stated she thought she had handled this by seeing a therapist. I noted that she did handle it on an emotional and mental level so she could go on with her life, but on an energetic level, her body was still holding onto these lower vibrating wave forms or emotions. She placed these emotions in a box, which happened to be her left shoulder. The last 25 years of her life she kept accumulating a similar “pattern” of emotions till it manifested into a physical symptom. After the session, she no longer had a frozen shoulder, all mobility returned and it stayed that way. (With that said, it’s important to also consider if there is a chemical or physical issue to be addressed for any diagnosis.)

If we can personally learn how to manipulate our energy to maintain an internal calm balanced state in life, how does that change our world? Where does the power truly lie? Establishing a neutral base by having less emotional triggers in our energy field as well as establishing our own unique beliefs may enable us to be able to make more thoughtful decisions in our daily encounters in life.

We are multi-sensory beings, maybe it’s time to honor and recognize this fact, so that we can move on from being victims to being creators in our life story.

One way to do this is by accepting that there is another component in our body besides the mental, the physical and the emotional realm. There is also the bio-field that is composed of all those oscillating molecules Beckwith mentioned earlier, which actually manifests all of our physical attributes. It’s the master, not the servant. What if having an open mind could possibly open our heart to the music of our soul? That is the question we all have to answer on our own, it’s time to decide if one wants to take part in the dance.

3.) Dance to the beat of your own drummer.       

The dance is the universal law of free will. This is probably the most respected law in the universe. There is no judgment here, your choice is always respected because if you look at Earth as a place from which you learn, then no choice can be “bad or good.” It just is.

If we embrace consciously and incorporate into our daily life the fact that we are multi-sensory beings, we may find that we will begin to move at our own unique rhythm, our own original tune that feeds our soul, nurtures our being and allows us to experience life at our highest capacity in a way that separates us from other human beings, but on a collective level, commits us to each other in a more profound way.

But you have to take the first step: “May I have this dance?”

Here’s to perfect pitch.


I’m a chameleon, yes I know I’m comparing myself to an African lizard with a protruding tongue, but that’s the visual I get when I think of what best describes who I am.  It’s the chameleon’s ability to change skin color in order for him to survive another day that resonates with me. He can show his true colors, while adapting to a new environment. I have the propensity to show my true colors, I can’t fake it, not in my DNA. I have a BSN in nursing and throughout my 13 years in the medical field, I was always questioning the norm, to the point that led me to my current occupation. I work with individuals who want to feel calm enough internally to create a life that is fulfilling and joyful. The techniques I use calm down a nervous system that gets triggered on a daily basis by our flight and fight response to this crazy world we live in. We are a society that is either looking for a fight or fleeing from some perceived danger, established on a perception of fear that our society lives by. I use a bio-field technique along with behavioral kinesiology to help accomplish this state of internal calm, so my clients can have the ability to show their true colors proudly, while setting out on their own life journey. It’s an experiential process that most of my clients are unable to find the words for, so I have decided, it is time to give it a voice.


Editor: Edith Lazenby

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