October 11, 2012

A note from your mama, reminding you of everything you need to know. ~ Emily Azad

my dear child,

you will find these letters when you are quiet.

you will see them, notice their dance across the page, and they will soothe your eyes as so many words have soothed mine.

somehow i know you will find this note when you need to be reminded.

of the joy that lives in silence, the wisdom of bliss, the intentional smile.

sit in your quiet quietly and remember: flowers blossom like this.

remember that happiness is your birthright but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.

You will feel alone, you will ache the ache, you will know great pain.

Be soothed knowing that there is Only One Pain, and i have known it too.

Every hungry heart beats down this path.

It is the first truth, to suffer, yet remember the third, that you can overcome.

Listen carefully and the silence will tell you that you are not alone. you are perfectly loved and forever held.

Try your best to laugh, sing, and say thanks, since these are expressions of the soul.

And no matter what, you are most beautiful when you express your true self.

because You, my child, are Everything.

I love you,

your mama.


Emily Azad is grateful. She translates the silence and contributes her peace to the whole. Currently present with her lovebomb husband and son in Lexington, Kentucky. She is co-founder of Heal Now Massage Studio, a home for healing, and maintains Siddhi Yoga Facebook page as a platform for talking about union.



Editor: Sarah Winner

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Read 2 comments and reply

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