October 22, 2012

An Open Letter to Men: Part One. ~ Hannah El Hamalawy

No. No sacrifice. I will not sacrifice anymore.

Laying my humanity at the alter, in search for my divinity. No longer whole.

In search for your affection. In search for perfection.

Accepting only the great is no acceptance at all. It is a lie. A half-truth. Unreal.

The “spiritual” relationship.

The demands. The shunning of fear and jealousy. The importance of no conditions and of asking no questions. It is all a farce. And conditions more than it frees. Restricts more than it liberates. Murdering my love and me.

No. No more. I will not adjust. There is no sacrifice.

Take me in my ugliness. Love me in my rage. Accept my jealousy. Even my desire to control. It is all fleeting. A game.

I do not own you, though I desire you to be mine.

I do not control you, though I desire you to be mine.

I do not punish you.

I do not command you.

I do not persuade you.

Still, do not make me believe that which is not true. Do not neglect to tell me that which is true. I beg you. Be honest. No matter what it is.

Please, do not rob me of my freedom.

Do not rob me of my chance for divine love in the divinely human way. There is no greater beauty. This is why we are here. To love divinely through our humanity.

Please. Do not conceal things. Do not be fearful. Be brave. A man.

Reveal yourself. Display your weaknesses, your strengths. Share your dreams, your feelings and passions—even if they lie with someone else. Somewhere else. Away from me.

Allow me to see you as you are. I implore you. Allow the truth to shine through. Allow it, so that I may reveal myself to you. In all my might and glory. In all my hunger and despair.

Unleash me.

The “spiritual” relationship.

Ideas. Ideas. Even the greatest ideal, nothing more than an idea.

I let go of my ideals. I am not spiritual. I am divinely human. Humanely divine. That is my destiny. And yours.

Let go of your conceptions. Release your restraints.

Be honest. No. Be truthful. Honesty is such a misinterpreted word…it allows for abuse. Sanctions excuses. Instead, be truthful. As you are.

Truth is simple. Untouched by manipulation. Pure. Present. Aware.

Do not be afraid of hurting me. Your truth enlightens me. Frees me.

Gives me the chance to connect to the real me, the greatest me. The one that has no boundaries. The me, I wish to become. The me, I have always been.

See now, how much your truth frees me?

Do not be fearful. We are stronger than you think.

Hannah is a writer, a seeker, an up-and coming star. She knows that the grass is greener on all sides, that the light is also the dark, and that joy and pain can be felt at once. It’s hard to be a human, but still it’s immensely beautiful. And so she struggles, laughing, crying and dreaming at the same time in her quest to become Divinely Human.


Editor: Jamie Morgan

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