October 25, 2012

“Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a guy with Downs Syndrome feel proud & happy.”

Best smile ever:

This is how you do it. Not this. Without condescension, without talking to Jimmy in a happy cute little voice, Arnold makes someone’s day/week/year.

Via Reddit:

Via youtube:

Random person: This is Jimmy.

Arnie: You look powerful

Jimmy: Thank you. Arnie: You must be doing a lot of lifting?

Jimmy: Yes. Arnie: Are you a powerlifter?

Jimmy: Yes. Arnie: You ARE a powerlifter.

Jimmy: Yes (not understandable)

Arnie: Are you a weightlifter?

Jimmy: Yes.

Arnie: You lift everything? You look good.

Arnie: Thanks for being here.

Jimmy: Goodbye sir. //the best smile ever//

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