October 28, 2012

Goodbye to Love. ~ Maru Garcia

Photo: J. Gaddis

Goodbye to the grins you robbed me in times I was attempting to cry

To the dreaming of a different lifetime every twinkle of an eye

To our saving cactuses and strays and finding falling stars


To the juggling of your lips within my breath and the inhabit of my being along your skin

To the medicine of your voice through my worst and weakest days


To the tasting of forever in your really silly smile

To the example of your kindness in the facing of the world

Goodbye to the ecstasy of the language of your ever dancing hands

To your dealing with my way-to-often waves of strength


Goodbye to the sacred, only ours lust of the new starts

To the trusting me even in the blindness of myself

To the best burst out laughing times after your dumbest jokes


To my silent witnessing your talents with a respect beyond the sky

To being the lucky woman of the man during your working times


Good bye to the sponging of my heart after hearing ¨I love you bird ¨

To together making cartoon cards for our guru and unknown friends


To the quiet we created in that noisy little bar


To your being upset for the long drives due to my not knowing roads

To the sudden slow dancing of that ever sexy night

To our discussing of arts, truth, yoga, books and creatures with more feet

To your everlasting concern of never hurting me


To the warm midnight walks and beach forbidden naps

Goodbye to the awkward partings and delirious welcome backs

To the best of me that I only saw when you pointed out to me

Goodbye to my worst that you helped me out to unpack (and my eternal thanks)


To my bouncy anticipation of you arriving to our dates riding your bike

To your forgiving me that I never fixed the stupid car

To the best vegan and raw meals you created just for us

To your false and sweet aloofness of your worries to not worry me


To the lightness of your speech but the passion of your tongue inside of me

To the honesty of your sex while staring at my eyes


Goodbye to the safety of the sweetest hugs on Earth that I will forever miss


But for your reminding me of my capacity to love, your unveiling the best version of my soul and the deepest of my being, those are for me to hold on to.  I need them like the air I need to breath


If only one thing I could rewrite in this flash of life script, that would be to have met you a little earlier for more time to love you like I completely do.


Goodbye to the best of dreams to must open the eyes to.

Goodbye my love although I am still in awe with you.


October 14, 2012


Maru Garcia was born in Mexico City, raised by an angel dressed as a warrior. As a kid, she wanted to be invisible when she grew up or become a contortionist so she could fit silently in little spaces. She has a degree in Nutrition and Food Science and believes in veganism as a living statement of love.   She is a very imperfect yogi, loves animals more than anything in the whole wide world, and is a strong advocate for animals´right to just be animals. There is often a dog, a kitten or a palm tree hidden in her purse on the way to safety. She often gets in trouble for saying exactly what she thinks and feels, no editing, that is her trademark. Her world tends to be often black or white, gray disorients her.   She is in love.  She lives in Playa del Carmen with her three dogs, two birds and one cat. She does not know yet how come or why she writes.
Editor: James Carpenter

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Read 8 comments and reply

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