October 10, 2012

My response to a Romney fan.

I’ll update as we discuss further, assuming I get a response. I’m sure we’ll both move from flippancy to some more depth and real exchange.

I’m genuinely happy to debate, and learn, with and from those who hold other points of view. And it makes me happy that elephant has conservative readers. But for Pete’s sake, as Governor Romney would put it, I expect a better candidate from the opposition. I could vote for Eisenhower, Teddy, even Nixon over this candidate. ~ ed.

On Oct 9, 2012, at 6:39 PM, XXXX wrote:

You watch the debate and maintain your support for obama?

When shown the evidence and not changing your mind….isn’t that complacent stupidity?

My response:

If you’re kidding, I can’t find the punchline.

If you’re serious, please be more detailed about what you found so riveting and convincing about Mr. Romney…I didn’t find it. If you’re conservative, he “betrayed” you. If you’re liberal, he’s now suddenly more or less like Obama. If you’re smart, you know he’s tacked left and right more times than a drunk in a sailboat.

That said, he has great hair, and looks the part of a low-rent President on a made-for-TV 1960s movie, I’ll give him that.

Go Planet Kolob!


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