October 24, 2012

Presence of Surrender. ~ Tania Kazi

Source: sweetsurrender68.tumblr.com via Sharon on Pinterest

Live in the presence of the Heart Lotus

Watch what arises

smoke and whispers

subtle, yet all-pervading.

Open your pores to receive deeply

let the magic be carried to your extremities

Like waves, it rises in some places, settling in others

Undulating inside your form,

like a Lochness under the ocean floor

Undulate with it,

Let its rising carry you outside and above yourself

Sweet surrender is the beginning of true power.


Tania Kazi is a yoga aficionado, a blossoming vegetarian, a wellness enthusiast and a lover of books. She has studied International Relations, worked at a think-tank, and served the corporate monster only to find that healing the human soul is where her passion lies. When she is not reading or writing feverishly, she is getting soaked in central park with her daughter under the sprinklers, taking or teaching a yoga class, immersing in meditation and making green juices!


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