October 6, 2012

“So Far.”

A new low for Rush?

Disagreement is best settled through understanding, curiosity, and respect.

Violence is no solution to disagreement. Rather, dialogue is the way to understand, learn and, ultimately defeat our “enemies”—by turning them into our friends.

Via Daily Kos, a new low to civic discourse via “entertainer” Rush Limbaugh:

AUDIO: We Can Handle Democrats Without Resorting To Violence. “So Far”

RUSH: I have to say, though, folks, terrorism is the greatest threat, because we can still defeat liberals without violence. So terrorism still, of course, represents a greater threat than the Democrat Party. We can handle them without violence. So far.”

—Rush Limbaugh: Trick Question on Terrorists and Liberals

Via Reddit:

“…In 2008, someone assassinated the Chair of the Arkansas Democratic Party in his office.

Someone else opened fire on a U-U church in Knoxville leaving a manifesto against liberalism behind to explain it.

George Tiller…”

Report him to the FBI? Why not?

[–]berserker87 14 points ago

Here’s a link to the FCC obscene complaint form

He works for Clear Channel Communications. His syndicator (network) is Premiere Networks.

From October 3. I don’t know the time.

From NTIA report:

Speech that advocates or encourages violent acts or crimes of hate.

Speech that creates a climate of hate or prejudice, which may in turn foster the commission of hate crimes.

“Hate Speech on Commercial Radio” categorized hate speech in four different areas.

False facts

Flawed argumentation

Divisive languagecheck

Dehumanizing metaphorscheck

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