October 9, 2012

Something in the Way She Moves Me. ~ David Esotica

What she looks like.

When she walks into the room.
She need not be the most beautiful.
Nor have the tightest body.
She looks after herself, yes.
But it is how she moves.
The openness of her chest and her hips
When she scans the room with piercing eyes
Asking, begging, to be ravished.

The sharpness of her mind is matched by the fire in her eyes. She is devastating in her expression, ready to burst the seams in my chest. Watching her, approaching her, speaking with her. An endless experience of excruciating excitement. Her grace is offset by her passion. Her voice is sweet and passionate. She ignites a silent flame into burning cauldrons.

Such is her strength, she has a spine of stone. An open body, a loving heart. A delicate rose atop the sharpest thorns. Men go into delirium. She outmatches them, outclasses them. They crawl up to her searching for approval. She strikes deep with her words and pierces them with her claws.

A woman like this makes me want to become a better man.

She challenges me. She sees through my bullshit and intuits my heart. She knows when I am in tune with my soul’s rhythm. And she challenges me. She tests me. She looks to see if I have what it takes. And it strikes fear inside.

I am compelled with a force, a burning irrationality that thrusts me forward. The temptation is to hide. The temptation is to force a shield of my masculine persona. I have the urge to thrust a mask forward to hide behind. I am fearful of the overwhelming presence of her beautiful and magnificence. Burning desire is awakened.

Be “that” woman. Be devastating. Be excruciatingly beautiful. Find a fire inside of you. Every woman has it. When you find the grace of the beautiful woman inside, something else is awakened. A power. A resolute. A heart wrapped in crown of burning thorns. You are capable of destroying a man. And they can sense it. I can sense it. I know what will happen if you are unleashed.

And if I choose you, it will be unleashed.

Challenge me. Force me. I will be compelled to find a strength to match yours. I will have no choice but to make you mine. When the other men run and hide from your fire, I will take you and I will claim you. You have forced me to become a better man. You have driven me to a place I could not reach on my own. You inspire me to drive my sword into the world and explode into my potential. You are my muse, my goddess and my queen.

Now watch me claim the world and claim you. You will be by my side.


David Esotica works with his partner, Diana, to help women find the earth shattering relationships they crave. They believe in laughing, crying, passion and orgasms. So you can imagine what happens when they talk about sex. Check out David’s Facebook page here.

Editor: Anne Clendening

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