October 10, 2012

The Mother. ~ Salvatore Vionito

Nancy’s Nannies

I hold my mother’s hand
Everywhere I go,
I hold her hand pressed firmly in mine.

Sometimes I feel the need
To run into the street
To chase a ball that was kicked astray
Or a squirrel In search of a nut, and I follow
Without a care for the passing cars.

I hold my mother’s hand everywhere I go
And by doing that
She firmly holds my hand too.

I stare into her eyes
Until I feel myself dissolve.
I sing to her until my voice aches
And my eyes melt into
The warmth of her smile.

Sometimes I feel the need to hurt myself,
As a means of taking my pains away.
Or I consume so much more than I need
Just to starve all that leaves me empty inside.

I stare into her eyes and sing to her
And by doing that
She pulls me into her bosom
And presses my eyes to her beating heart
And reminds me the monster
Never has a place in her presence.

I sit at her feet all day and night
As she goes about her day.
I sit in silence knowing that her feet
Are the anchor that stops me
From drifting out to sea.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up
In the way things should be
Or lash out at myself because
I don’t meet some glorified ideal.

I sit at her feet all day and night
As she goes about her day,
And by doing that
She becomes the anchor and the moon.
Her luminous expression smiling down upon me,
Reassuring me that the tides hold no sway
In the presence of her Grace.


Always evolving on a never ending spiritual journey, a student to the Guru within, Salvatore spends his time writing poetry inspired by the universal teachings of the Divine.  He constantly seeks out the microcosmic truths that exist within every living moment in order to always see the creator within the creation.  Writing is one of the ways that helps him accomplish this goal.  When Salvatore isn’t writing he loves to go on hikes, meditate, practices Bhakti Yoga, spends time with his wife, three daughters and cat, and always tries to find ways of reducing his family’s carbon footprint. He is also the co-owner of Avani Priya Malas and Jewelry www.avanipriyamalas.com a custom Mala shop that he and his wife Jenni created.  Salvatore has future ambitions to create a Poetry blog and also to start working on his first book of Poetry to be titled “108 Poems to the Divine.”



Editor: Elysha Anderson

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