October 9, 2012

What Does Detoxification Mean to You?

The quality of our health and our lives is greatly affected by the many choices that we make throughout our lifetime.

We make choices every day about what we will put in our mouths, what we will purchase as a consumer, what activities we would like to participate in and with whom and how to prioritize our the tasks we want to accomplish.

One of the biggest decisions we can make is to improve the quality of our health and our lives by detoxification.

When you hear the word “detoxification,” you may immediately think about food—but what I mean by detoxification is to remove from our lives that which is no longer serving us.

Our bodies are detoxifying every second; they have to in order to help us pay the price for the toxic overload in our environment.

They are incredible machines—but they cannot cleanse efficiently without our help. Sure, we can try to steer away, the best we can, from pesticides, industrial wastes, synthetic medicine, food additives, car exhaust and cigarette smoke. Yes, we can try to eat organic, live foods, exercise and get more sleep.

But we also need to examine what habits, patterns and relationships may be toxic in our lives.

Here are ten ways to tell if your body is giving you a message that it needs to de-stress, detoxify:

Are you always in a hurry and find it difficult to sit still and relax?
Do you find yourself getting irritated?
Is your digestion not as optimal as you think it should be?
Do you have trouble falling asleep or wake up during the night?
Do you feel overworked or dislike your job?
Do you have a hard time accepting yourself just as you are?
Are you judgmental of yourself or others?
Do you feel a lack of purpose?
Do you hold onto your emotions and not share them?
Do you feel it difficult to forgive others?

If we really want to detoxify, we need to let go of our negative emotional patterns so that we can experience the fullness of life physically, mentally and spiritually.

Here are ten things to consider:

If your mind feels like the chatter won’t stop, try meditation or sit quietly.
Balance work with play.
Spend time with people you love. Ditch those that don’t support your vision.
Get deep, restful sleep.
Instead of holding grudges, find forgiveness.
Instead of expecting the worst, look for the best.
If you find yourself operating out of fear and doubt, try honesty and love instead.
Instead of considering yourself unlucky or victimized, see each obstacle as an opportunity for transformation.
Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, be grateful for all you do.
Instead of feeling like you always need to be in control, let go, surrender and watch the wealth of opportunity fall in your lap.

Why wait to receive an official medical diagnosis before you do something to improve your health?

Why not start rejuvenating and purifying your body, mind and spirit sooner? It’s the best health insurance you’ll ever spend your money on.



Editor: Bryonie Wise

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