October 25, 2012

What is Green Womb Reflexology? ~ Surya Angelique Shofar

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The essence of Green Womb Reflexology focuses on bringing the earth’s healing vibrations into the womb, heart and body for balance, well being and an earth connection, that starts from the center of the womb.

Green Womb Reflexology derives from an ancient healing art and holistic healing technique that aims to treat the womb through the feet, hands, face and other womb meridian points on the body.

It is an integrative healing method, that supports the whole person, by nurturing a state of balance and harmony, beginning in the womb—getting to the root of any womb imbalance or disease, the gentleness encourages the womb and body to heal itself at it’s own pace, often counteracting a lifetime of unhealthy habits and womb choices.

Green Womb Reflexology is not a foot massage or massage therapy; it is a direct and powerful way to reach the delicate womb center, by opening the pathways for the earth’s healing energy to reach the body through the feet and other extremities.

Due to restrictions from modern living and the constrictions from shoes, fashion and fads, the womb (sexual reproductive organs) is the first place to suffer deterioration and regeneration. With the feet as the most vulnerable part of the body, imbalances and illnesses in the body often reveals themselves through them.

Wellness encompasses our wholeness, never leaving out the mental, emotional and spiritual causations of any health challenge, illness or disease.

According to Louise L. Hay, the feet represent our understanding—of our ourselves, of life and of others.

Foot problems indicate a fear of the future and of not stepping forward in life; it stands to reason that if the body part that carries us forth in life and supports our entire body is imbalanced, then our entire being will reflect likewise.

As a Green Womb wellness practitioner, certified massage therapist and yoga teacher of well over fifteen years, I have come to know and understand the body in ways that I did not and could never have learned in the classroom.

My own health challenges inspired me and at other times forced me to be still and listen to the wisdom and secret codes of my body. It encouraged me to develop a more intimate relationship with my body, the kind that is two-way, rather than one-way.

When something is upset or not right within my body, I first travel inward to understand, to listen rather then outward to someone else, to tell me what’s wrong inside of me. I talk with my body; I have dialogues with it and it responds in kind.

Forms of distrust and disconnect manifest with one’s self when there is no intimacy with our body (and with ourselves). I was unable to conceive, but through womb work, I now have a fourteen year old son. Over time, I have learned to trust my body and have faith in its high intelligence, its remarkable ability and its amazing self-correcting powers.

One of the beauties of Green Womb Reflexology is that you can learn how to maintain balance in your womb in between professional sessions and during your own Green Womb self-care moments, every single day. It also re-educates, re-patterns and re-conditions nerves so that the body can heal itself by using that self-correcting system.

My goal is to empower you to take a journey inside of your body so that you can become familiar with your inner world, so that you can study and learn its language and decipher its secret codes, so that you can have an earth connection—as the earth mother’s healing power is fundamental to our well being.

Bring the green (earth) into your beautiful flowery womb!


Surya Angelique Shofar is an Intimacy, Natural Fertility & Birthing Coach, that focuses on greening the womb and  relationships. She created the concept of Eco-Sensual Living and has been earth loving yoga teacher for 16 years. Known as “The Eco-Goddess,” she is also a visionary artiste that infuses her nurturing, earth conscious and creative essence into to her role as a mother as well as healing work. Her practice is in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC. Visit her here.






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