November 9, 2012

Simple 10-Minute DIY Sinus Headache Remedy. {Video}

Source: mysinusinfectionsymptoms.com via Lynn on Pinterest

Sinus headaches suck.

They attack me out of nowhere (or maybe they’re linked to something I’ve eaten or done or breathed in).

Whatever the case, I hate them. They make me cranky and clog up my entire thinking process.

Today one hit me—I had planned to run today, darn it!—and I complained on facebook, where friends immediately came to my aid with suggestions. One told me to look up accupressure.

I found this less-than-five-minute video on do-it-yourself accupressure and thought it worthy of sharing with you, dear elephant readers. I tried it and already feel relief. Ahhhh!

Here’s what some of my facebook friends suggested:

Thank you, friends! I’ll try them all.

If you have a natural sinus headache remedy, please share it in the comments section.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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