November 29, 2012

Fertile Soul: A Mindful Eating Challenge. ~ Laura Chiraya Fox

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A New Blog Series on Food, Consciousness, Ecology and Connection

Once upon a time, all the people of this planet had regular access to freshly grown local produce, more often than not, right from their own back yards. It was no uncommon thing to have fruit trees in the yard, to pick grapes hanging from the veranda, to forage for berries in season and even to get honey straight from a beehive. Typically, neighbors would exchange tomatoes with one another and local farmers would make their produce available for the community.

We see a resurgence of this mind-heart-set now in the form of farmers markets, CSA‘s, produce co-ops and other means of sharing the wealth of our natural bounty of fresh, raw, organic foods.

Simultaneously as we are witnessing the decline of the health of the population, we have also seen the decline of the soil quality, the water quality, the air quality and all things related to an over industrialized civilization. The members of which have forgotten that food is for health and comes from the planet upon which we live. It is also typical to hear of children who actually think that food comes from 7-11. Oh dear.

Now in this state of affairs, it is plain to see, that action needs to be taken to shift things into a more healthful and ecologically sound trajectory for humanity.

It is also a spiritual function of our nature to want to reconnect with all the parts of the whole. And truly the enjoyment of food with community is a large way in which humanity finds that connection it seeks and longs for.

And so it is with this idea of the fertile soul that we embark upon a journey to explore sustainability and its relationship to our food habits.

How does ecology relate to economy? How does economy relate to our spirit? How does our spirit relate to our house? How does our health related to our food? How our food relates back to our ecology is indeed a full circle and a full cycle.

People wish to be nourished. They wish to feel fulfilled, they wish to share their gifts and they wish to share a sense of connectedness through the heart. We are all seeking for that recognition which comes when we are truly doing that which we are here to do.

And the food that supports our soul in awakening also supports our body in healing.

Could it be that this connection between food, ecology and our spiritual essence is one of the key core components of what is emerging in our desire to shift at this time? What if we were able to return to a more natural way of living?

What would the civilization look like if we did in fact have more of a direct connection with the soil upon which we live?

How would it be different if relationships were based on this core connectivity? What would it be like if you walked outside and garnered nourishment from your very own yard? What would it be like if children could go to school and have food growing around them that they were cultivating and enjoying on a daily basis as part of enjoyment education?

So you can see that there are many facets of life that this topic covers and it is my great joy and privilege to begin a dialogue with you through this blog Fertile Soul. I wish to speak about how we can take steps and learn new things and new habits in order to move towards this vision of an integrated dietary lifestyle that takes into account all aspects of life, from the soil quality, to our health, to our ability to share with our neighbors, to our ability to fulfill our true divine purpose on this planet.

To kick off this new blog in soulfully fertile style, I suggest an action item:

I challenge you to a “do it.”

Imagine what it would feel like if you could actually sense your connection with the planet when you eat food. Perhaps when you are dining, you can take a moment to collectively tune in to the planet and its energy field. Notice if you are better able to receive the subtle energies the food is offering you by making this offering of attention. Share with friends what you experience.

Many blessings.

P.S. If you are into the raw foods movement, you may wish to nominate your favorite people, places, products, media and eco-initiatives of the raw foods movement at http://bestofrawfoods.com —the “raw scars”—through December 15.


Laura Chiraya Fox is the founder of Best of Raw and the Raw Living Expo. Her love of nature and her vision of humanity’s potential encourages her to champion the raw foods movement, inviting people to add more raw organic plant foods to the diet to increase health, decrease our eco-footprint and raise our spirits. She has been working as a producer in the raw foods and eco-events space since 2007. Formerly the host of Visionary Culture Radio, she now co-hosts Raw Living Interviews.






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