November 15, 2012

How to Stop Talking About Peace on Earth and Start Creating It. ~ Adam Bliwas

Why do we willingly attach ourselves to man-made organizations and teachings aimed at telling us how to live on this planet?

Creating a peaceful Earth is not going to happen magically. There is no switch in Jerusalem that turns us all into fun-loving harmonious beings. Soldiers will not just drop their arms and hug the men they are supposed to be in opposition to.

The list could go on and on as to what will not create world Peace… so let’s discuss what will.

We’ve all heard about finding peace within one’s self. Simple enough right? Sure, except for the fact that we have all been conditioned to believe that our allegiances lie in disconnected groups participating within the social system.

Humanity has allowed religion to prosper because of its ability to uniformly control the mind and spirit of the masses. There are hundreds of thousands of denominations stemming from the belief in One. How can we heal these Global wounds and come together as one?

Can we scrap these belief systems and start with the idea that all beings are connected to the same divine spark? Do we dare acknowledge the beauty that lies within each and every being?

If the answer is yes we must observe how our thoughts, words and actions support us in this practice. If we are all sons and daughters of an unlimited creative force (sometimes referred to as god) and we do not adhere to any man-made teachings, there are no terrorists, no criminals, no addicts, no thieves and absolutely no moral right and wrong.

In those who wish to feed and free their families from the bondage of capitalism, we see ourselves, struggling to find light and meaning in a world that seems dark. Each and every day we humans substitute physical energies for our lack of inner peace (i.e. coffee, cigarettes, television, food, sex, etc).

When we have peace within, however, we need not condemn those in the world who have yet to find that peace. Simply choosing understanding and acceptance allows those struggling in the world the space to find their own inner peace. Our ability to spread love and lend a helping hand is so great, yet words cannot describe this power.

Let us come together and learn to work side-by-side in the healing and building of a new Earth.

When each being supplies their own beauty and gifts to the collective, without judgment or ideas of success and failure, we will soak this world in abundance. With science and technology we are working to clean up this planet and explore ways in which we can live with Mother Earth and not abuse her resources and upset her natural rhythms.

We are learning to grow our own food and heal with naturally supplied remedies. When we come together and learn how we can take part in this movement, the Earth shifts even more to support our efforts and dreams.

We must organize and prepare.

Each of us as individuals has only to visualize an Earthly paradise before moving physically in that direction. Join co-ops, neighborhood peace organizations, buy food from farmers markets, read environmental newsletters, ask the Universe how you can help and she will show you the way.

If each of us seeks to make small changes in our lives to heal our Mother Earth, we will realize paradise. No one person can save the world. Two people have a better chance, and a thousand can make time obsolete.

Without time we will move mountains.

Adam Bliwas has studied a majority of the world’s religions, followed history’s greatest teachers, did a couple asanas and is learning to be a walking Messiah. Finding humility within this path has proven to be a paradox that has driven him close to the edge of insanity. At the age of 24 he and his beautiful life partner, Jane, were chosen to be parents by a sweet soul they named Evangeline Frances. Being a father is teaching Adam that true enlightenment is to wake up and choose happiness, to be thankful for joy, sadness, wet diapers and poopy ones. He practices his own fusion of yoga and Tai Chi, climbs trees, and laughs at himself daily (thanks to Jane). Adam, Jane, Evangeline and their three cats are moving to Maui in November to pursue a more communal way of life, living with the land, and sharing their creative expressions.


Editor: Lara C.

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