December 14, 2012

Ask the Editor: Elephant, Why did you post this Article, it’s Bullshit, I can get this Stuff in the Tabloids.

Question: Sorry EJ, I’m done. This stuff is bullshit; can get this in tabloids.

Waylon Lewis: Dawna, I hear you, as the founder this isn’t exactly what I care to read, and I haven’t read it (yet). That said, elephant, like Rolling Stone, New Yorker, NY Times, Vanity Fair, or other publications I admire, needs to make room for family and adventure, sex and spirituality, sadness and joy, meditation and celebration…for deep stories, for philosophy, and for fun, inspiring stuff.

Don’t fall into Fox News mentality: only following or participating in that media or clubs or societies you already agree with, 100%. ~ Waylon.



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Read 3 comments and reply

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