December 27, 2012

Be Gentle This Season. ~ Kate Brenton

The season is upon us: good will toward men and shopping mall lunacy.

I have noticed, here in Hawai’i, not much has changed. There are houses electric with holiday cheer, and our few stores are brimming with reindeer. Yet, the birds seem unaffected—the clouds settling the same.

I plan on packing this quietness and wrapping it in a bow for Christmas—let the currents swirl around me and stay the inner course. Will I? Will you? If we both, will that decrease the piper’s piping and let our swans a-swimming do so in their own peace?

This holiday, with calendars ending and concurrent thoughts beginning—perhaps the best thing to do is slow down.

Take one mistletoe at a time and kiss the present passionately.


“Know this Primal Power

that guides without forcing

that serves without seeking

that brings forth and sustains life

yet does not own it or possess it

One who holds this Power

brings the Tao to this very Earth

He can triumph over raging fire

or the freeze of winter rule

Yet when he comes to rule the world

it’s with the gentleness of a feather.”

~ Tao Te Ching

Translated by Jonathan Star.


Kate Brenton, Ed.M., RYT, leapt from her home as an English teacher in Philadelphia with family, friends and students she adored to find her new home nested in the Pacific Island chain. Through her move to Kaua’i, she has learned that growing pains are necessary, lychees are amazing and that love comes to you when you surrender to it. Through her induction to Pa Ola Hawaii and adjustment to island living, Kate is committed to awakening the brilliance within through lomilomi, laughter and lattes. When all else fails she grabs her pup, Ahonui, and heads out on the trails. Excited to share what she has learned, is learning and will be forever learning, Kate makes bi-annual visits to the east coast for clients, workshops and satiating her pizza addiction.


Ed. Evan Livesay


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Read 2 comments and reply

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