December 13, 2012

Candy Cane Surprise. {Adult}


Her exclusive holiday candy

My, you have gotten her especially randy

Fine and wrapped so nice

Thinks she’ll open it thrice

Was a little bit shocking

To see the surprise in her stocking

Open it up, oh, what do her wandering eyes see?

“Why, a one-eyed monster just for me!”

No winter wonderland card

For she shall be your most fervent bard

A Yuletide lover

No longer undercover

Mighty mint all over your head

Got a bulbous toy all up in her bed

Candy cane…

Happy, happy, hereʼs your gift

Open it up nice and swift

Wrapped in a big bright bow

Well, it is under the mistletoe

Hmmm, not quite as minty

As much as it is kinky

Helmet headed beam

Giving off a kind of steam

To her greatest delights

Takes her to greater heights

Time to play an exciting role

Ho Ho Ho, all hands to the North Pole

May have had one too many beers

Wait, wait, wait, is that a real reindeer?

Got her own Peter Pan

And one she can say is truly all man

Candy cane…

Toasty, of you sheʼs more a fan

Than that ice cold Frosty the Snowman

May as well give it a whirl

After all, sheʼs a red-blooded girl

Of your beautiful prize

Sheʼs long fantasized

Itʼs got quite a kick

Her candy cane wick

ʻTis the season

To play with good reason

Down her chimney that Santa came

And left never to be the same

What cause is there to wait?

Has she got cookies for you, her sweet playmate?

Merry, Merry ride your sleigh

A little holiday roll in the hay

No silent night is this

ʻTis an evening not to be missed

How many geese a-laying?

This is one, Iʼm just saying

Candy cane…


Yale Weinberger writes poems about love and its beautiful colors and flavors in sexual expression. She thinks anyone who has been in love and has had a craving or longing can relate to her words. Her words relate to the ultimate expression and the beauty of passion and appetite. With love, she hopes you enjoy her words and they reach your heart and all the right places.



Ed: Stephanie V.


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Read 3 comments and reply

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