December 19, 2012

Fear: The other voice in our heads. ~ Megan Ennen

Ready to look fear in the face?

I was thinking about what keeps us stuck the other day, and one word came to mind: Fear. Fear is the little voice in our head that tells us to stop: we can’t do it, we are not good enough and it will never work out. The truth is: it will.

Until you learn to shut off those voices and let go of fear, you will remain stuck in your current situation. So, how can we turn our fear into curiosity? How can you make peace with your fears today?

I’ve had to stare fear in the face dead on lately. Going through constant changes of my own: losing a job, my current relationship and moving out of where I felt comfortable. Most of our fears come from trying new things.

Change. No one likes to make change. We are comfortable remaining stuck, because it is familiar territory. What if we turned that around and actually challenged ourselves? What do could we accomplish?

When it comes to living a “better” life from the unknown abyss, it is always hard to take that first step towards change. Sometimes one step feels like a very large leap, but small steps each day towards letting go of fear of change will send us in the right direction. Have a clear image in our minds of the lives we want, the bodies we want and the overall health we want. If we change something today, we can make tomorrow even brighter.

Sometimes looking outside ourselves can help us reveal gifts we did not know existed. I am often fascinated how I always happen to stumble upon exactly what I need to hear, right when my ears are open to listening. The other day it the midst of rehashing old fears, I ran across a quote by Eckhart Tolle. It happened to be exactly what I needed in that moment. I’ve decided to make it my mantra. Thank you Fear, once again you know what I need.

“When the eye finds nothing to see, that no-thingness is perceived as space. When the ear finds nothing to hear, that no-thingness is perceived as stillness. When the senses, which are designed to perceive form, meet an absence of form, the formless consciousness that lies behind perception and makes all perception, all experience, possible, is no longer obscured by form. When you contemplate the unfathomable depth of space or listen to the silence in the early hours just before sunrise, something within you resonates with it as if in recognition. You then sense the vast depth of space as your own depth, and you know that precious stillness that has no form to be more deeply who you are than any of the things that make up the content of your life.”
~ Eckhart Tolle

It is in moments such as these that we remember: who we want to be is already inside of us. It’s a matter of releasing what isn’t working, to reveal our true inner strength. It is there, sometimes all it takes is moving past the fear, looking it in the face and saying, “I’ve got this.”


Megan Ennen has always had a deep connection with creative expression and believes that each day should be started by rolling out your yoga mat. She is constantly challenging herself to reach higher and appreciates the challenge brought on by others. Currently, Megan is the lead blogger and social media guru for a start-up company Step Forward to Better Health, which specializes in helping others become healthier + happier in their everyday lives. She loves the constant ebb and flow life brings, as well as motivating others to be the best they can be. Struggling with her own demons has helped Megan become the woman she is today. In her free time, you can find Megan in her community garden, cooking in the kitchen, or on her yoga mat. If she could give one piece of advice to all readers, it would be. “The only thing constant in life is change”-Francois de la Rochefoucauld. May you always find peace om your journey. Namaste!


Ed: Kate B.


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